Eileen Schwartz, Ph.D.

Areas of Interest
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Areas of Interest

Health Psychology

Chronic illness brings stress to the patient as well as their family members. Health psychology employs methods to help patients and their families improve communication and adjust to the challenges that typically accompany chronic illness and injury. Dr. Schwartz is also informed about various alternative practices and can help patients make sense of the complementary interventions available to them.

Alternative Medicine and Psychotherapy

After practicing conventional psychotherapy for over 20 years, Dr. Schwartz discovered the power of integrating alternative and conventional approaches to bring quicker symptom relief to her clients. Adding practices such as Neurofeedback, Energy Psychology, Energy Medicine and relaxation techniques provides a richer, multi-dimensional approach to addressing clients’ problems. These methods can help patients who have been unresponsive to medication and traditional approaches make progress.

Dr. Schwartz’s current therapy practice is grounded in solid diagnosis and conventional methods. Depending on patient needs, the above complementary procedures may be introduced.

Anxiety Disorders including OCD, Tourettes

By challenging long held assumptions and helping to restructure anxiety producing thoughts, talking therapy can reduce anxiety. Neurofeedback may be introduced to retrain brainwaves associated with anxiety attacks into more adaptive patterns. Lastly, clients are also provided with tools derived from Chinese Medicine and stress management techniques to help manage the physiologic arousal that often accompanies anxiety attacks.


ADD and Learning Disabilities

People with ADD and Learning disabilities can often be quite intelligent, yet feel stupid or unworthy when they find that they're performing less well than their peers. Therapy approaches to ADD and Learning Disabilities including helping clients to understand their learning challenges, and enhancing self esteem through learning to manage their challenges while maximizing their strengths. Neurofeedback is also used to teach the brain to produce brainwave patterns more conducive to learning.

When ADD presents a challenge in relationships couples therapy may be employed to help partners best manage these issues.

Issues of Adjustment

Most people are able to manage typical life stresses but at times extraordinary events such as illness in the family, job challenges, loss of a family member or ending of an important relationship can be overwhelming. Therapy can help people to problem solve and to sort out emotional triggers that could be heightening their reactions.

Relationship Issues

In addition to couples therapy, psychotherapy can address difficulties within the family, within friendships and with co-workers. Motivations of all involved are examined, with an emphasis on problem solving while understanding each person’s needs.

Workplace Issues

Self confidence at work and reactions to your boss or co-workers can be influenced by unresolved issues from your family of origin. Therapy can help you separate past emotional triggers from current workplace issues and to strategize on advocating for yourself most effectively.

Gay and Lesbian Issues

Dr. Schwartz is acquainted with the gay and lesbian and bisexual communities and with the issues typically affecting its members. She particularly enjoys doing couples therapy with gay and lesbian clients.

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