Eileen Schwartz, Ph.D.

About Dr. Schwartz
Areas of Interest

Couples Therapy

Spouses and partners may think they're been communicating well only to discover through couples therapy that they've been misinterpreting or missing each others' messages. Couples therapy can improve communication and help people better understand each others' desires. 

Neurofeedback (biofeedback for brain waves).

Brain waves functioning in maladaptive patterns can contribute to difficulties with sleep, learning, and focussing. It can also play a role in emotional disorders such as anxiety, OCD and depression. Using non-invasive methods, neurofeedback trains and balances brainwaves to increase energy, focus, and resilience. (click for more information on neurofeedback)

Stress Management

Most people cope with some degree of stress in their lives, but increased demands of work, home life, illness in the family, or loss of a relationship can bring stress to excessive levels. Stress management services help people to work toward reducing or eliminating sources of stress in their lives and to learn calming techniques. Techniques include tools and postures derived from Chinese Medicine and relaxation exercises geared toward reducing physiologic arousal.

Energy Psychology:

Rooted in theories of Chinese Medicine and Chi, Energy Psychology posits that old emotional traumas are held as "stuck energy" in the meridian and Chi systems. Through a series or procedures including tapping meridian end points, the stuck energies and emotions are freed up, enabling a more rapid resolution of emotional problems and symptoms.

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